Victim to Victor

Last night I watched the much anticipated “Breaking the Silence” on TLC.  It was brought to us by Darkness to Light and RAINN.  Before its airing haters of 19 Kids and Counting’s Duggar family spent a lot of time on every Duggar Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts downgrading the family and saying they were boycotting TLC for allowing Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald to appear in this documentary.  They thought it was a mockery of Erin Merryn’s work as well as Darkness to Light and RAINN.   I for one disagree with what I saw from the haters for months.  I thought it was excellent and educational.

Thank you to the brave man, women and little girl for showing us your journeys to recovery.  I want to share some points with those that may not have had a chance to see it yet.  The first thing is we need to teach our children safe touch.  No one other than a parent or guardian should ever touch a child in the bathing suit area.  Next let your children know they are safe to come to you with anything.  Do not be the parent that tells a child, “I do not believe that.”  Assure your kids that your love is unconditional and will never stop.  You need to be the safe place to land when something horrific has happened.  Remember small children might be unable to communicate what has happened.  Look for changes in behavior and decrease in grades at school as well as bed wetting.  If a  child is suddenly refusing to go some where he/she has enjoyed going in the past do not force the child.  Find out if there is a reason.

If you are reading this as a victim still feeling guilt over what happened to you remember it was not your fault.  Even if you “like it.”  That was the  body’s natural reaction and something perpetrators count on.  It is never to late to seek  help.  Hold this verse close to your heart, “BUT AS FOR YOU, YOU MEANT EVIL AGAINST ME, BUT GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD…”(Genesis 50:20).   Yesterday’s test will be your testimony.  You to can go from “victim to victor” just like Kealin, the girl, in this documentary.

Click on the following link for a resource you can use as a concerned adult b.6143703/k.2746/The_5_Steps_to_Protecting_Our_Children.htm.    It is the 5 steps we can use to protect our children.  It also has ways you can donate to this cause.  If this post has sparked your interest and you want to be able to see this film, it’s available on iTunes, VOD, and  Download a viewer’s guide at  Watch with tissues.  God bless you all.


Hello Children of God

This blog is being started to let others know things that I have learned over the years.  Some posts will be money saving ideas to help stretch a buck or tips on how to budget our time.  Like my Dad always said they are not making time or land anymore. Other blogs will be a little more serious but all will have God at the focus of them.  We can do all things through Him but nothing without Him.  My first tip for you all is how to help get out the door in the morning.  The key to getting your children moving in the morning without having to repeat yourself is as easy as your cell phone.  Yes you read that right.  Set different alarms for your children.  Make different ringtones for each morning task.  For instance one for waking up, one as a warning that time is running short, one for it being time to get downstairs or to the kitchen for breakfast and a warning that it will be time to leave soon about 5 minutes before you have to leave.  Don’t forget to schedule in prayer time with your children.  The world they are going into is crazy and they as well as us adults need that reminder that God is in control.  I hope this tips makes your back to school time a little bit easier.  God bless you all and thank you for reading my first post.  Thank you to all my friends, who have encouraged me to do this.