Go ahead and dig.

There are people out there that just delight in tearing Christians down.  When they can’t find something in the present to throw at you they try to get dirt from your past.  This poem at the end of this blog is my answer to that.  You don’t have to dig in my past.  I will tell you.  I was a hurt and confused person.  I looked for love in all the wrong places just like the song says.  I became an unwed mother.  You want to throw that at me.  Go ahead.  That baby is now 27 and that sin is buried in the sea of forgetfulness.  Who I was is not who I am.

Haters are digging around in the Duggars past to see what they can find.  They claim it was because of a robocall that Michelle made.  I have done a lot of research and I am here to tell you there are 2 LGBT magazines that had articles about the family from years before that call ever took place.  There were articles claiming the Family Research Council is a hate group before Josh took a job with the FRC.  So they dug and they found out about Josh molesting young girls.  They put it in big bold print in a gossip magazine.

That was not enough for them.  They had to stalk Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of all the family members.  Yes that includes the victims Jill and Jessa.  They invaded Duggar  Facebook fan groups.  Yes haters made horrible  memes of Jim Bob, Josh and Michelle.  They reported anyone that disagreed with them for reasons such as saying, “go away” or calling someone, who made a joke about Jim Bob teaching the girls about sex disgusting.  Duggar fans have been in Facebook jail over spamming when all they did was say, “Bring the Duggars back.”  They have stolen photos of fans and made memes out of them.  They claim that they are for the victims.  To this I say they are liars.  I can say that here.  On Facebook it will get your account on lock down.

You ask why I don’t believe them.  This is why.  If they cared about the victims they would not be boycotting Jessa’s events. Yes they had posts all over Facebook to places she was scheduled to appear telling the companies to cancel.  They posted copies of letters they sent to sponsors.  They called Jill a scammer and said her missionary trip was not real.  They claimed she did not have all the paperwork in order.  The IRS showed that indeed Derick and Jill did have everything in order.  They flooded TLC with threats of boycotts and copies of letters to sponsors of 19 Kids and Counting.  The LGBT folks posted on RAINN’s, Darkness to Light’s, Erin Merryn’s and Erin’s Law’s pages.  Their big complaint victims were being sold out.  The tried to keep the “Breaking the Silence” documentary from being aired.  Yes you read that right.  These victims advocates were trying to keep a show from airing that would make the public aware of sexual abuse and how to deal with it.  Does that sound sincere to you?

Furthermore, they have challenged people in fan groups saying supporting the Duggars is supporting abuse.  What they do not realize is a lot of fans are victims.  Some of us have managed to forgive and move on just like the Duggars.  I am not saying it is easy but it sure is easier with the Lord.  Additionally if they had any concern for victims they would not post the crude jokes and memes they make.  They would be aware of how hurtful it is for a survivor, who was abused by a dad to read words about how they thought the girls were taught about sex.  They would not joke and infer that any of the siblings are carrying on in some sort of an affair.  Can I got a tacky since disgusting is now a bad word?  They can fly their rainbow flag and persecute God’s people all they want.  In the end every knee is going to bow.  They don’t want to hear that though.  They laugh at the name of God.  Worse are the ones, who claim to be Christians that are showing some rotten fruit by their actions.  They must not have read about how God spits out lukewarm Christians.  I have just one question for you before you read the poem.  What will God say to you when it is your time to stand before Him?  I pray your sins are as far as the east from the west.  If not please choose Jesus today.  You can contact Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The address is 1 Billy Graham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28201.  Their phone numbers are Local: 704-401-2432  Toll Free: 1-877-247-2426.

You want to dig in someone’s past

to see what you can find

Well go ahead I don’t mind

Better yet let me save you some time

I was living my life for me

wasn’t thinking about eternity

my thoughts were not on things that last

so I’m sure you’ll find some dirt and grime

That was then and this is now

See at the cross my knees did bow

I was lost but now I’m found

I was blind but now I see

I was drowning in a sea of disparity

Oh but Jesus He rescued me

I was sinking in life’s quick sand

He reached down His nailed scarred hand

and I am no longer bound

The chains of yesterday

are far far away

as far as the east is from the west

Now I am truly blessed

So go ahead and dig

You want a shovel that is small

or one that is big

cause I serve a God who picks us up when we fall

He is always ready to answer every call


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