God Mends Broken Hearts

I just wanted to share my cover photo from Facebook with you all.  One of my friends made it for me using the lines from one of my poems.  I asked if someone could use them with the picture of a broken heart.  That is the picture she found to use.  I imagine God’s hand on the end of the string sewing away at all the rips and tears of this life.  He is the one that formed us all in our mothers’ wombs.  Therefore, He is the only one that can mend us.  Have you let Him stitch you up yet?  What are you waiting for?  We are not promised tomorrow or even the next minute.  Eternity is too long to pay for the sins of today.  They can be covered in the blood of Christ.  He paid the full and total price.  All have sinned but He is faithful in that if we confess our sins He will forgive us and cleanse us.  Put your name in John 3:16.  For God so loved Garrick that He gave His only begotten son so that Garrick will not perish but have eternal life.     https://www.facebook.com/garrick777/photos/a.112076525813803.1073741829.107537462934376/112137655807690/?type=1

Another dear friend made my profile photo for Facebook.  As you can see from it the verse inside the pearl in my photo here comes from Gen 50:20.  It is my life verse and what I cling to.  The tests of my life are my testimony and I will use them to help others.  I would love it if you all would share you favorite Bible verses with me either here or over on Facebook.

I hope if you are reading this on Sunday, the day I have scheduled it to post, I hope you have been or are preparing to go to church today.  It is the best place to find support for the trials of this life.  If you are not because of health reasons I pray for speedy recoveries for all who are ill and unable to attend worship.  If you have recently moved or left a church and have not found a new one my prayer is that you will find a God centered church that preaches the Word of God and stands on it.  If you can not attend check out your local listings or look online for church services you can watch.  Listen to K LOVE radio for an awesome worship experience.  Don’t worry if someone sees you rocking it out to “God’s Not Dead” or whatever your favorite one is.  I hope you have an awesome Son day.

Lastly, Please if you have not checked out the status of Erin’s Law yet in your state yet do so.  The children are worth it.


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