God bless Kim Davis

I was recently asked if it really matters who someone loves in regards to my position on Kim Davis.  Let me clear the record up.  Kim’s sentence has nothing to do with love.  It is about sin.  Gay marriage is not about love.  Love would not cause someone to spend eternity in Hell.  This case is about one person standing up for what God has to say in regards to that sin.  The United States of America was founded on christian principles.  We are one nation under God.  We are supposed to have freedom of religion in this country.  We are one nation under God.  However, that does not seem to be true any more unless your faith is based on something contrary to everything the word of God stands for.  All across the US children are being forced to learn about other beliefs.  However, teachers are not allowed to mention the name of Christ.

Kim Davis sits in jail on contempt of court charges.  In reality the ones who should be there are our very own president and 5 members of the Supreme Court.  Mr Obama has done a great job since he has been in office.  He has violated the Constitution of this great nation time and time again.  Yet he was rewarded with a second term instead of a sentence of treason.  Five members of the Supreme Court usurped there authority by supposedly passing a law.  That is some thing they do not have the power to do.  They were told this by the four, who voted against them.  This is extreme abuse of power.

While she waits in jail, another judge has been refusing to marry straight people for 3 years.  No one has called for her resignation.  No reporters are at the court house photographing and videoing while she is trying to do her job.  No one is throwing her past in her face.  It does NOT matter how many times Mrs. Davis was married before or if she had children out of wedlock.  It is all irrelevant since it is under the blood.  She is a new creature in Christ and those sins are washed in the sea of forgetfulness.

Today Gov Huckabee and Ted Cruz will both be going to see this woman, who is being persecuted for her faith right here on American soil.  I ask you all to keep this woman in your prayers as well as her family and those who support her.  At the end of this blog you will find a link to click on to help free Kim.  Please fill it out.  Also I implore you to pay close attention to those that agree and disagree with her cause so that you may make an informed decision at the polls.  If you are not registered to vote yet do so now.  If you call yourself a Christian and don’t see a problem with gay marriage I caution you to get in the word and remember that God spits out the lukewarm.  Gay marriage is not about love.  It is about sin.  Love would not cause someone to spend eternity in Hell.  Instead it died for us on Calvary so that we may be able to spend forever with Him.  God bless all of you reading this blog and God bless Kim Davis.




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