Never forget 9/11

Fourteen years ago today our country was rocked to its core.  Enemies of the US came on our very own soil to learn how to pilot planes they would use to try to destroy our land.  They drove through and flew over a few states just to reach their target.  They pointed planes straight at the Twin Towers and with no concern for the lives on the plane or in the buildings they purposely crashed into those once tall buildings.

In the smoke of all that destruction a cross appeared.  Yes God showed Himself that day in the form of metal I beams.  Some say it was just a coincidence but there is no such thing.  We serve a God, who is still on the throne.  Others said, “Where was He?  Why didn’t He stop it?”  Well folks He was there.  He was comforting those that were injured.  He was giving that blessed peace that passes understanding to those wondering if their loved ones had made it out alive.  Time and time again our nation had turn its back on Him.  Our rulers made laws contrary to His word.  Yet there He was protecting us and comforting us.

Miles away a plane was headed at another target.  However, those courageous Americans on board determined they would rather die than allow those terrorists to harm fellow citizens.  In an act of bravery that still amazes me they forced those evil men to crash into a field and ordinary citizens became martyrs for this great land of ours.  That day they battled with the father of lies and won.  “No greater love has any man than to lay day his life for that of a friend.”

14 years later and our government has forgotten and thinks we have as well.  They are bringing so-called refugees into this land.  Refugees do NOT leave their wives and children alone.  Only terrorists whose goal it is to destroy the “infidel” or the “big Satan” do that.  Wait the president said they are a religion of peace.  Christian rights are being taken away and allowances made for these “peace-loving people.”  Our very own president made a speech about how Muslims founded this country.  I wonder if the pilgrims knew that.

He does not know the true history of America.  Yet he is trying to destroy it by slowly doing away with flags and monuments to our past heroes.  You can not change history or erase God from the story of this land.  He is a jealous God and He will not be mocked.  You can not take the oath of office for the US on the Quran and you can not build a mosque of a false religion in the spot where He once revealed a cross.  He is speaking in the forms of weather patterns.  He is showing himself just as Revelations said.  Yet there are folks like our president still listening to the lies of that false hate centered religion.  Israel is His chosen people and the president is making deals with their biggest enemies.  Brothers and sisters it is time to get ready.

Today I ask you to take a moment to pray for the families of those people who died on 9/11 and afterwards because of medical problems which arose from exposure to things the human body should not be around.  Also pray for yourselves and your loved ones.  Take this opportunity to think about where you stand.  Find out where your loved ones will spend eternity.  Folks can joke about Hell all the want but I assure it is not party central.  It is a place of eternal torment.  It is not His will that any should perish and He gave us the perfect solution in the form of his Son, who died on a wooden cross “so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish.”  Today I ask a special blessing on the survivors of that tragic day.  I ask God to send his Holy Spirit to reveal himself to those that still need his touch.  God bless you all and God bless the USA.


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