Do you know what is important?

So you all know by now I am a survivor and a huge Erin’s Law supporter.  I am a Christian that believes the full and complete Bible.  I will not apologize for that.  What I have not told you yet is that I am also a mom.  Today my sweet little girl came in my bed.  I looked at the clock and thought 7:44 we have a bit of time before we get ready for church.  Then it hit me.  We did that yesterday and in fact we were late.  Note to self: Do not lay your cell phone down in the hall where you will not hear the alarm in the morning. LOL

We both set records in getting dressed.  I confess I put on yesterday’s dirty clothes and finger combed my hair in the car.  Thank God for the spray for her hair and pony tail holders.  We got to school with about 2 minutes to spare before the tardy bell.  Her classroom is right at the top of the stairs.  So I think she made it.  If not we agreed we will both make sure this never happens again.  She has not had a tardy since I set up the alarm system I wrote about in my first blog.  That was the first part of last school year.

I decided to blog about this experience to let you know sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves and let go of the small stuff.  We women knock ourselves down over the littlest things.  Guess what folks.  They killed the only perfect person there ever was.  I sit here today confessing to you I am not perfect.  I will never claim to be.  What I am is a child of God washed in the blood.  I am living and learning each day just like you all are.  Please do not stress yourselves out over simple things.

If you have a child that won’t eat breakfast or you have a drive to school any ways.  The night before place some dry cereal in a zip lock bag.  Put some milk in a  spill proof sippy cup.  On the way out the door grab it.  Your child has breakfast in the car.  Sometimes we do juice and string cheese.  I have also cut up an apple the night before and tossed it juice to prevent browning and put it in bag.  My main goal is a milk product for the calcium and protein.  100% fruit gummies have also been known to make an appearance on our morning journey.  The key is to figure it out in the evening and have it ready.

I also get her to pick out her school outfit as well as shoes the night before.  We make sure the hair brush,  detangling spray and whatever she is wearing in her hair are handy.  If she is planning on jewelry that is laid out also.  In Winter, we put her shoes in her backpack so in the morning she just wears her boots.

I thought I would give you a little chuckle at my expense today and help you see that what really matters is the love you have for your child(ren) and God.  Today we said our prayer on the way to school.  I didn’t close my eyes because as my little girl said that would be “dangerous.”  Every day we listen to K LOVE in the car.  Her favorites are “God’s Not Dead” and “We Believe.”  I am so grateful that for her these songs are not just words but she knows the meanings behind them.

You see she has inherited a bit of my talent in poetry and is already writing some herself.  My favorite is when she belts out “Santa you are not important.  You did not die for me.  Jesus did.  Easter Bunny you are not important either.  You are NOT what Easter is about.  It is about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.  He rose on Easter and that is what is important.  That is what Christmas and Easter is about.”   She started writing that one at 6 and a half at Christmas and added to it at Easter.  My hope and prayer for you all is that your children know what is really important.  As always God bless you all


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