The pain of abortion

Earlier this year Trent Franks, a Congressman from AZ introduced the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  The bill has passed the House.  All that has to happen now is a vote in the Senate.   The Act will end abortions performed after 20 weeks of gestation without anesthesia for unborn babies, who can feel the pain of their bodies being ripped to pieces.  These are babies that could in all likelihood live if given the chance.  

The Family Research Council scheduled a webcast for tomorrow at 12:00 to discuss this issue.  You can register for the event at the following links.  or on Facebook at  You will be able to watch the event online at a later time following the first link if the time is inconvenient..

In the last few weeks we have seen videos of an organization that does not care about the pain they cause these little people. Yes I said people.  The Bible tells us that God knits us together in our mothers’ wombs.  It should be the safest place on earth. Yet here in the USA it is not.  Please look at these photos if you think a 20 week gestational baby is just a bunch of cells.   These are pictures of a baby that was miscarried at 19 weeks.  Yes I said baby.  Planned Parenthood workers can call it any name they choose.but the fact is life begins at conception and no one but God has the right to take that life.  If you go to the following Facebook page you will see that fetus is in fact Latin for offspring.

For generations women have listened to the father of lies in the form of Planned Parenthood workers telling them these are just cells.  They are not important.  Women have suffered physical and emotional scarring from abortions.  The murder of babies has been used as a form of birth control.  All over this land there are repentant women standing in faith and praising God for His forgiveness and grace.  Yet their hearts aches ache for the babies they never got to hold.  Some have been made sterile.

Other young girls have had abortions performed on them without their parents’ knowledge.  You can not pierce a minor’s ears without permission.  However, a Planned Parenthood worker can place instruments of death into a young girls cervix and take the life of an unborn child.  When the worker’s job is complete, the girl gets sent on her way.   Young ladies have died from hemorrhaging while their parents had no clue.  Can you imagine the grief of a parent, who took their child to the hospital thinking that their little girl had severe stomach pain from an appendix or gall bladder issue only to find out that indeed the girl had been hemorrhaging for hours and there is nothing the hospital staff can do to save their little girl?

Today I tell you that you can save the lives of unborn offspring and young girls.  You can sign a petition to Defund Planned Parenthood.  Please show you care.  If you have bought into the lie that PP is needed for birth control and medical procedures, I will show that is false information.  Take a look at a Facebook page which has information regarding the truth about PP.  The following chart shows what PP does in comparison to qualified health centers.   Heartbeat International is a place to go for help.  This is a form to contact them.  Another resource is  Their mission is to “To save unborn babies from abortion by connecting women and men in crisis pregnancy situations with compassionate, loving, truthful, local help.”  I copied their mission from their Facebook page.     I will leave you with this map which reveals that Women Have Real Choices.


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