I thought I would not be discussing Planned Parenthood again for a while.  Then I watched an online talk by Congressman Trent Franks .  I listened to him speak on the fact they had to go back to legislature from Ronald Reagan error to get this measure to Congress.  I have copied this from his Facebook page, “H.R. 3504 the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill would increase protections for babies born alive during abortions or attempted abortions.”   I heard him say the President had voted against this type of bill 4 times before and has promised to veto it.  I called on all of my readers to pray.  You as well as other Americans sought the Lord and He answered in the form of the defunding going though.

There are those that are sitting back mocking the Republicans for this and crying over how some party lines were crossed for the two votes that took place yesterday.  The first vote was to defund PP.  The second vote was to make it a criminal act for doctors to not give aid to babies born alive during the abortion process.  This is the one Congressman Trent spoke on.

I have read so many posts and articles saying the defunding will never make it.  Obama will veto the bill and it will die along with millions of babies.  I ask you all to join me again in prayer for this matter.  Specifically pray that those, who think that PP provides valuable services will read the material that I and others have shared showing that indeed clinics can and do provide all those services folks are worried will be lost.

Pray for eyes to be open to see that PP has for years been used as a means to hide sexual abuse.  In particular a PP worker in Alabama saw and counseled Patient MR# 16.  A review of said patient’s history revealed she had two living children, who were born separately.  There is not documentation stating the facility reported suspected abuse as is required by Ala. Code Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect.  This patient was given two abortions in four months.  Yet no notes of abuse reports are in either case.  It seems to me the one benefiting from women’s health services here is the man, who rapes a minor and gets the evidence destroyed. wants women to write in how Planned Parenthood has changed their lives.  I hope some people write in about how PP covered up their sexual abuse.  Maybe others will send in stories about how they were told to get an abortion and no other options were discussed.  Indeed women suffering from guilt over murdering their own flesh and blood might contact Huff Post Women.  Sterile ladies could comment on the fact that repeatedly killing off their offspring took away their ability to carry their own offspring.  I doubt that Huff Post would print such stories though.

You my readers know the truth.  It is time we as Americans stood up to our elected officials and told them to do the jobs they were elected to do.  We need to tell them we want babies protected.  That includes the 14-year-old girls and other rape victims.  That means giving babies that are being murdered for convenience of a rapist a chance.  I ask you today to contact your members of Congress and tell them in the land were everyone is entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit  of happiness” you want it to include children to young to speak for themselves.  I ask you to STAND FOR THOSE THAT CAN’T STAND or better yet kneel for those that have no one else to help them.

I further ask you to please take a look at the list at the end of this article to see how different members voted.  If you don’t like how some of your members voted let them know.  If they don’t listen.  LET THEM KNOW AT THE POLLS.


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