There are options besides Planned Parenthood

28 years ago I found out I was pregnant.  I told someone, who I thought was a friend and she directed me to go to Planned Parenthood.  My youth was not her concern.  The fact that I was unmarried was not either.  Her problem was my child’s paternity.  You see I was pregnant by a black man.  She informed me that PP could do an abortion for cheap maybe even free.

Of course I did not go there.  Although, I was living outside the will of God I still knew abortion is murder.  Instead I went to a health care center for free.  They did a the testings and exams for my whole pregnancy until I moved to another state in my fifth month of pregnancy.  However, I found another clinic quickly and they resumed my pregnancy care.

As I said that was 28 years ago.  It is even easier now to find care.  Planned Parenthood is deceiving folks into believing they help in a lot of areas.  However, right now there are Christian women making calls to their local PP for mammograms.  Not one has been able to schedule an appointment.  I myself took the challenge and failed to get through to the two nearest me.  You can schedule appointments online but none for those exams they say poor woman will lose with their defunding.  I ask you my reader to make the call to your local PP and see what you get for a response.  Here is the number for your convenience 800-230-7526.

For the services they do render their prices are over inflated to say the least.  Please click on the following chart.  They charge $31 for a pregnancy test that cost them 25 cents.  They make $750 on a 12 week abortion.  That is before they start harvesting murdered baby parts and selling them for further profit.  Yes I am still calling them babies and I will continue to do so.  The human heart begins to beat 21 days after conception.  Therefore abortion is taking another person’s life not just a choice for a woman to make for her convenience.  That is why Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded.

There are however services I can recommend.  One is Heartbeat International.  They have a Facebook page, and a website,  Their number is (888) 550-7577.  There is also  They have Facebook as well  Their number is (214) 295-7301.  I also want to share about http://WWW.PREGNANCYCENTERS.ORG.  There is a photo on Facebook I want to share with you.  If you are unable to pull the photo up their number is (800)395-HELP.  These are just three resources that I have found with a little research.  You might even be able to find some near you.

In closing I want to say that I have changed the profile photo on my Facebook page to support these unborn babies.  I ask you to do the same.  You have permission to use the one that a friend made for me.  Here is the link.


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