Unborn Does Not Mean Unfeeling or Unthinking

I have recently seen these words repeatedly, “My abortion was a  medical procedure.  It is no one else’s business.”  I beg to differ with anyone, who believes that.  I think it is the business of the baby that you allowed to be ripped to shreds.  I do not say this to judge.  I have so much sympathy for the young ladies who were fed lies by a money hungry group of people.  I pray for peace for those that are tormented by guilt.  If you are reading this and have had one that you have repented for I ask you to remember that God places our sins as far as the east is from the west.  Please do not allow past sin that God does NOT see keep you from a relationship from Him.

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of argument over whether these unborn babies feel pain.  Laws are being made to protect fetuses over 20 weeks.  I want to share with you all a personal experience that tells me that indeed they do feel and think.  At around 33 weeks I went in pre-term labor with my daughter.  The labor was stopped and before I could return home we had to do stress tests on her.  Every hour they placed straps on me and took sonograms.  Well this was interfering with her napping.

Time and time again they would find her heartbeat and get set to monitor her.  She moved over and over again.  So they repeated the process.  The nurses placed something on my belly that woke her up and they would get everything in position.  The nurses were so good.  They did not get mad.  One of them just laughed.  We discussed how her moving to avoid the noise was proof of brain function.  I said to her, “It is too bad that those people who think life begins at birth could not see this.”  Her reply, “Every woman thinking of having an abortion should have an ultrasound.”

She is not the only one with that thought.  Heartbeat International has offices all over this country and a lot of them have these vital pieces of equipment.  Those Heartbeats that don’t have been raising funds for the purchase of sonogram equipment and the staffing of it.  This organization is staffed by a lot of volunteers.  Unlike Planned Parenthood folks at Heartbeat are not getting rich off of the poor decisions of young women.  You can get a free pregnancy test at one and take the result to local human service agencies.  More than that you will meet folks, who are compassionate.

Just think if you were young and thought you were pregnant which service would you prefer the greed of folks, who sell body parts or those people who care about the women that walk through their doors?  I pray that our government thinks of agencies like Heartbeat as the redistribute funds from the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  All across America are underfunded clinics and service providers that are run by people, who care for the women and unborn babies.  Please remember that unborn does not mean unfeeling or unthinking.  Please choose life.


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