God is in Control

My mind is racing with blogs I want to write.  While researching material for some future blogs, I have stumbled on some positive things I want to share with you all.  There is a family in South Carolina that lost almost everything in a flood.  They had to evacuate quickly.  Upon their return  two pieces of furniture were upright and not soaked.

One was the chair holding the husband’s Bible.  Folks is that not a message from God on the importance He places on our time in His word?  It is called our daily bread.  Yet we, who are living here in a country where we are free to own many copies, neglect to read, study and meditate on it.  We are told to hide “His word in (our) hearts that (we) might not sin.”  We are further told to “study (it) to find (ourselves) approved.”  However, we make time in our busy lives for everything but Bread of Life.  Shame on us.

We have brothers and sisters in foreign lands being beheaded for owing Bibles and praying to the only living God.  Parents are being forced to watch their babies being tortured to bring them to belief in Allah.  Ya I know Islam is a peaceful religion.  That is the lie they are trying to feed us any way.  However, the news tells me differently.  It further tells me that this country is turning from God and towards that false one.  Folks while we have the freedom to read His word we need to get busy.

Search it so when the lies come at you will see them for what they are.  Do not be fooled by some nice person tricking you into reading the Quran.  Do not be deceived into thinking He is a good God and He will not send people to hell.  He does not send us there.  Our actions do.  However, He provided a way.  There is a heaven to be gained and a Hell to shun.  Being good is not good enough.  “All have sinned.”  We all need a savior.  He is knocking.  Won’t you please let Him in?

The other piece of furniture that was not turned over was a table that had risen with the flood waters and neatly gone right back down in its spot.  Yes God, Who told the tides where to stop allowed two items to rise and protected their contents.  He showed a family and us that He is in control.  Even in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations He is aware of each and  every one of our situations.  He cares and He is there.

What was so important about the table you ask?  It contained the offering check for the family’s church.  It was totally dry.  Yes the family lost everything but they were thankful that item was still ready to take to church.  Folks that think church is not important take note of this.  His word says to “not forsake the assembling of the brethren.”  He protected the family’s offering for a reason.  I am not saying you have to go to church to be saved but I know how much easier it is to walk with Him when you have brothers and sisters in Christ beside you.  This world is full of people and things wanting to pull you away.  Church is a place to gather strength.  We need to fellowship with other believers and hold each other up in prayer and also hold each other accountable for life’s actions.  As always I hope you all have blessed days.  Never forget He is with you always,                   .


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