Where was God?

The other night I watched an awesome documentary about the 2013 tornado in Moore, Ok.  It is called “Where Was God” and it is on Netflix.  I want to share a review of it with you all.  I don’t want to give any thing away.  However, I do want to tell you all some things that touched me.  I also want let you know that you can see it tonight for free and as a group.  Please watch with tissues.  You can find the movie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WhereWasGodFilm.  There is an event on Facebook that you can join.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206729360046755&set =gm.518016648354680 &type=3&theater.  If you don’t have Facebook then please go to www.WhereWasGod.com.

While watching you will see how God can use bad things to bring about good for His people.  You will view a community working together to help the injured and hurting.  Some had physical injuries and others had their hearts broken.  You will hear stories of heroism.  You will watch folks, who lost everything but hope.  You will laugh with them and weep as they cry.

In Where was God I saw how God gave a couple, who thought they would never have a child a son.  I heard and saw the joy on their faces as they remembered discovering their pregnancy.  Isn’t it awesome how God gives us what we need when we need it?  His ways are not our ways and He sees the things we do not see.  Think on that today if you are in a hurry for something He is saying wait to.

A teenage girl really moved my heart.  This young lady had been in a tornado before.  She actually lost her sister and father to that previous storm.  Yet when she saw a younger child in fear she did not dwell on the past.  She went to work bringing comfort to a small boy.  What an example to us grown folks she was and is.  We can not dwell on what is gone and done because He has work for us to do today.  There is such joy in using a part of your past that Satan has meant for evil for God’s glory.

This town was destroyed.  I mean every building in it was flattened.  Yet in the midst of their destroyed home one couple found a linen closet untouched.  Just as they were marveling at that their was a knock at the door.  School children were cold and the workers needed things to wrap them in.  There are no coincidences with God.  He saved those items to be used to give comfort to children who were shivering from cold and shock.  God is so good.

I saw how God used a woman, who had abortions and turned her life around.  He healed her heart and allowed her to forgive herself.  I saw a man,who fought with the demon of addiction and won.  God restored his family and he became husband and father that God designed him to be.  I saw a couple that lost a  child in the storm standing on faith they will see him again.  You see the dad got saved after the tragedy.  In life we can allow bad things to tear us away from God or we can stand on His promises knowing that He will bring us through what He leads us to.

There were teachers who wrapped their bodies around students to protect them from debris.  I heard about a little boy, who would not stop sharing things with other students.  That little boy now has a cross next to a classmate that he shared food with.  His parents say when they meet him in heaven, they know the first thing he will show them is Jesus.

I quickly took notes on my computer as I watched.  This quote from a pastor touched me.  “What are my kids going to learn about life as they watch me walk through hardships? I want them to say dad walked through that well.”  I want to close with that thought and a prayer that God will allow you and I to walk through all of life’s challenges well.  My mother used to love a song called “Let Those Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful.”



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