Duggar Daughters

I have a confession to make.  I am a Duggar fan.  I have been since 14 Kids and Counting.  When you are the youngest of 10, any family larger than yours intrigues you.  This family had more than numbers though.  It also had and still has a faith that has gotten them through the loss of Jim Bob’s dad, Josie’s premature birth and the miscarriage of Jubilee.

When the scandal broke, I was shocked.  Not by Josh’s actions 12 years ago at 14 but by the way grown ups acted in 2015.  That any paper would deliberately dig into a someone’s past as a minor and print the ages of underage victims floored me.  I was additionally flabbergasted that fan groups I was a part of would have members turn on the family.  The name calling that took place by some so-called Christians amazed me.

Folks took to writing vile comments on every Duggar family members’ walls.  TLC was bombarded with hate.  Fake fan groups started popping up on Facebook.  Of course they were carefully concealing themselves.  They would appear as friendly in a search but if you started looking at posts and photos you would see memes that would make you cry.

Then there are the groups which posts stories from news aggregates.  That is a fancy name for online gossip rags.  These groups draw in the big numbers of likes and use them to posts their stories.  One of those groups was the first one to post a story on Daniel Keller’s Instagram conversation on Jessa Seewald’s account.  If you did not hear about it yet Anna’s brother was urging her to leave Josh.

I understand his anger but social media is not the place to voice displeasure with a family member.  Of course he was encouraged by haters all joining in on what they thought Anna should do.  Those folks must never have made a mistake.  They also have forgotten marriage is between a man and woman.  There is  vow about no man putting it asunder.

At the time this happened my mind drifted back to Kathy Lee Gifford and how she forgave her husband Frank many years ago for adultery.  I do not remember the large outcry then.  Frank Gifford recently passed and I never saw one word of his past indiscretion mentioned.  Why was Kathy allowed to forgive and Anna is called horrible names for allowing God to rebuild what He put together in the first place?

Now fans have been given good news.  We will get to see Jessa and Ben Seewald’s baby preparation and the birth of the next GrandDuggar.  We will also get to see Jill Dillard, Derick Dillard and little Israel’s journey through life for a few episodes.  Haters are hating again.  They are trying to keep God’s children down.  You can write a million letters to sponsors but God is still in control.

You are also “accountable for every word that comes out of your mouth.”  In today’s language I think words that you type and post are counted against you as well.  Folks have forgotten how to hold their thoughts captive.  They just click away and let everyone know what is on their mind.  I so appreciate the way the Duggar Daughters and their spouses have handled these trials.  I pray blessings on them and on TLC for broadcasting these episodes.

I also want to close with a reminder that these are real people.  This is not a scripted show of fictional characters.  They are living breathing people with feelings.  Think before you type and if you can not say something nice say nothing.  God bless you all.


6 thoughts on “Duggar Daughters

  1. I agree with you on this matter. I have even gone to a church that while I was sitting there during the singing before the preacher started & heard a man behind me with a beautiful voice. I thought “why isn’t he in the chorus?” Later I found out that they didn’t even want him to come to church because he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. They even contacted the local sheriff & ask his mother to let him know to not come back to church. Since then he will not go back to church anywhere because of how he was treated. The sad thing is he wouldn’t have hurt anyone. He always tried to hurt himself physically & even stole his mother’s car & wrecked it trying to kill himself. I was ashamed of this church & I never went back there. It’s sad how instead of people puts others down when they need to walk in their shoes to see what is truly going on. I commend Anna for standing by her husband. If we as christians sit & gossip & put others down, then what does that say about our witness? Or they need to look at their own relationship with God. I have to catch myself at times talking about others. That’s why it says in the Bible “that the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity….”. James 3:6 and verse 8 says “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison”. And in Ephesians 4:29 it says “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers”.
    Our pastor has preached on that before….that as christians we need to watch what comes out of our mouth. This family is like anyone else where none of us are perfect & we as humans will make mistakes. Not one sin is any bigger or smaller than the next one. A sin is a sin regardless. Being a gossip is also a sin & I pray not only for the Duggar family that they are all going through this, but as christians we should forgive & try to be a better witness for others. God bless you too. 😊

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  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying so hard to find someone I can share my thoughts about the Duggars with. Like you, I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and I consider it a joy to have watched the children grow from little ones to young adults, to see them marry and start families, and to watch them go through hard times. I come from a dysfunctional family, not a large one, so I kind of lived through the Duggars a little bit. And also their friends, the Bates family, whom I also adore. It amazed me to see a family loving each other so openly and honestly. I never had that love in my life and I still don’t. I don’t have many friends, I have a depressive disorder and an anxiety disorder, I was “abused” as a child (I put it in quotations because it’s a fine line between abused and neglected and I was a little bit of both) and I’m not close to many people. There are only three people in my life that I truly love and care for; my granddad and my parents. I can remember as a child rarely being hugged and now I’m kind of in a limbo position where I’m touch starved and hug starved yet I’m a little phobic about being touched or hugged because I’m not used to it. Anyway, I got off track, I am so thankful to have found your blog and I would love to hear back from you! 🙂

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    1. I am sorry about taking so long to get back to you. I did not get notice I had a message until I got on to write a blog. The reaction to being hugged could be part of a panic reaction based on your abuse. Neglect is abuse. I will not like or approve your comment until you give me the okay you want others to see it. God bless you.


      1. Thank you for replying! And yes, I would like my comment visible. I don’t see how anything good can come of hiding a painful past. It helps me to know that sharing something painful that happened in my life may benefit someone else. Thank you again for your reply! 🙂

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