Gone on to Heaven

I can not let Breast Cancer Awareness month pass without sharing a poem I wrote back in 2011.  I am finding it hard to believe the lady that I penned these words about has been gone 4 years next week.  Jan  was a wonderful woman.  She was from my Sunday school class and always smiling.  She and her husband, Ben had the kind of love it seems fairy tales are written about.  They met in high school, married and had three gorgeous daughters.  Everything was going wonderful until the fateful day she discovered the lump.

She would later find out that her type of cancer is one of the cruelest.  The survival rate is slim and the treatment procedures intense.  She hated needles but she knew that there was nothing God would put her through that He would not be there.  She knew where she would go if she did not survive.

At our church is a wonderful woman, who beat the odds of this awful type of cancer.  She and her husband were a source of knowledge and comfort for Jan and Ben.  The two couples fellowshipped and prayed together.

One Sunday before Jan’s treatments started our Sunday school class decided to pray with her at the altar.  I remember feeling the Holy Spirit’s presence that day.  I was so touched.  As our class began to pray with her other members from church came down.  We had prayer meeting at the altar that day.  We prayed for God’s will and Jan’s peace.  We asked for His healing touch.

She did everything the doctors said.  They thought they had gotten rid of it but alas God’s way of healing this dear sweet lady was to take her to heaven.  Yes folks never forgot as you pray for miracles that God some times chooses to heal by taking folks to a place where there is no sorrow or pain.  People often say when that happens that some one lost a fight with cancer.  However, I am here to say Jan won because she never gave up.  Her life touched medical professionals and her attitude testified to God’s goodness.  The words in the following poem are things that she said in our class and at church when she would testify as she was walking through the journey of breast cancer.  I pray if you are reading this today and traveling the same road you remember you are not alone.  If you have lost a loved one to cancer remember those who knew Jesus are never truly gone.  They have eternal life.  We will see them again.

Jan’s poem

I want everyone to know you did not lose the battle with cancer

You won it when you began to pray

It lost when you said God will have His way

You defeated it when you said I have nothing to fear

 for my God and savior is always here

This mean vile disease will not have the victory

Your life has been a living testimony

You said I am a wimp but I will go on

He will not give me anything I can not handle

When I am weak  He will make me strong

You kept a smile on your face

even when you had to place  that wig on your head

You showed us all what it means to live by grace

You may have died but you are not dead

For His word promises you will live for eternity

There is an old song that says “Let all who come behind us find us faithful.”

Everyone who comes after you will be able to say about you

Your grandchildren and their children will know that you were truly beautiful

I will not say goodbye for I will see you again

so I will simply say later my friend


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