Pastor Appreciation Month

October also happens to be pastor appreciation month.  Have you thanked your pastor yet?  I myself have an awesome one.  He tells us all the time to test him against scripture.  If at any time he waivers from it throw him out.  He wants us in the word.  He is more than a preacher.  He is available in times of crisis for our church.  He is a student of the Bible and tells us that if we have a question about life we must find our answers there.  He speaks the truth unapologetically.  He has openly confessed his past life and even the mistakes he makes on a daily basis.  Some are shocked by that.  However, I see it as a testimony and encouragement for the rest of us.  If we can not speak in front of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we have no chance in this world.  He is always ready to pray over every tragedy and death that comes to our portion of the body of Christ.  He listens without judgement or condemnation to our failures.  Yet points us in the right direction.  My prayer for you dear readers is that you too have a pastor like mine.  Though they are so hard to find.  I wrote this anagram for him.  You have permission to borrow it for your pastor if you like.  God bless you all.

Prays without ceasing

Always there and available

Studies and shares the Bible

Truth teller

Open about his faults

Ready to listen


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