Happy Halloween

I think I have written about every thing October is known for accept the subject even more dangerous to discuss than the Duggars.  Yes I am talking about Halloween.  Should the church include it our list of out reach opportunities?  Should we allow our children to participate in school activities surrounding it?  Should we turn off our porch lights and stay in or should we pass out tracts?  Every year the same questions come up.  Time and time again arguments ensue.

Might I make a few suggestions?  How about we as Christians seek God on the matter for His wishes for our own families.  Read your Bibles and pray asking God what His will is for you.  Don’t knock others for what their family chooses to do.  In my area there are Trunk or Treat opportunities at a few churches.  Our own church has one that my 7-year-old daughter and I participate in.  In fact she has never been Trick or Treating and loves planning her theme for each year.

One year she was given a hand me down squid costume.  She told me “I am going to do Day 6.”  I asked her what she meant and she said, “God made the squids and other fishes on day six.  We are doing Day 6 for Trunk or Treat.”  She was 4 and had been learning about days of creation through Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis curriculum during Sunday school hour.  So Halloween night she passed out candy and tracts.  This is a tradition she looks forward too.

In fact when our huge SUV died and we found a bargain on a small model car her only comment was “How am I going to decorate that for Trunk or Treat?” LOL  The church let us move her decorations inside in the gym.  That year she picked the Wizard of Oz and we looked up verses to apply to each character.  For instance we found verses about bravery for the lion, ones on the mind of Christ for the scarecrow, and of course verses about hiding God’s word in our hearts for the tin man.  We equated the yellow brick road to the streets of gold and the home that Dorothy was looking for is heaven.  You see if you want to you can make anything about God.

One conviction of my husband’s is that we do not do Jack O’lanterns.  He has studied the history of that tradition and the evil behind it.  So instead our daughter is allowed to paint pumpkins and put stickers on them when she gets them on various field trips.  One time when she was very small our local Wal-Mart had a free pumpkin painting area set up.  She was painting away having the time of her life making a mess.

She was putting a rainbow on the pumpkin because Noah’s Ark is one of her favorite Bible accounts and she loves Wizard of Oz.  A stranger started asking her why she was not putting a face on her pumpkin.  Her reply to the lady was simply what she knew at the time “Dad says they are not good.  They are not about God.”  The lady then asked her what the rainbow had to do with Halloween.  She answered, “It is a sign of God’s promise and He always keeps his promises.  Everything is about God.  Don’t you go to church?”  At that point I don’t know who was shaking her head harder the lady with all the questions or my little girl, who just wanted to paint a pumpkin and could not figure out why an adult did not know what a rainbow represents.  I can tell you the Wal-Mart worker said good for her under his breath.

Of course the lady wanted to keep asking questions and at the point I put a stop to it.  I told her if she wanted to hear the particular reasons my husband has I was sure he would be willing to tell her about his research.  Once I got the lady away from my girl I told her I was proud of her for remembering daddy does not like Jack O’lanterns and for obeying.  I believe we have to catch our kids being good as well as bad.  I also told her that it is so good to remember everything is about God.  Readers my prayer for you is that you remember that this Halloween.  Satan tried to take a day that God made and use it for evil.  However, we as His people can take it back and use it to bring knowledge of Him to some, who might never step in a  church.


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