Christians do not care about the color of the cup

I keep reading about how Christians are up in arms about the Starbucks coffee cup.  I want to let you all in on a little secret.  We don’t care about the color of the disposable container the high-priced beverage is being served in.  No one I know gives a hoot nor a holler about it.

The cup came out before Veterans Day.  Since our flag’s colors are red, white and blue I thought how appropriate it honors our military.  The next holiday to come is Thanksgiving.  The traditional colors for fall are yellows, oranges and red.  Therefore this throw away cup is timely for that occasion as well.  The so-called reporters, who started this whole thing forgot about those two holidays didn’t they?

How common is that?  As Americans they have so many freedoms they forgot about honoring those, who give us the right to the free speech they used to type up their lies.  Here in the USA you can invent a story and stand behind it all on the basis of free speech.

Thanksgiving has become so commercialized.  Now it is a day for shopping for gifts for a day that most have forgotten the meaning behind instead of a day to think back on things we have to be grateful to God for.  So many have forgotten that God’s hands supply our every need.  Reader there is not one thing you own that the Lord has not supplied you with.  I challenge you to trace your hands on a piece of paper and write one blessing in each finger as I did with my preschool class.  They would put you all to shame.  The filled their fingers and kept going.  One little 4-year-old is so thankful for food that he had me put forks, spoons and knives on his hand.  Two children were grateful for the mommies that help out in the class.  All the children said God.  Yes folks 3 to 5 year-olds know we all praise to Him.

Now I want to clarify Christmas for those left confused.  It is not about snowmen, Santa, presents, a day off work or anything but the birth of a baby born in a manger.  However, Jesus is not the cuddly little baby folks want to picture.  I know the word baby evokes sweet smells and the warmth of a child breathing on your neck as you hold it close.  Let me remind you that years ago God: the father, son and holy spirit had a conversation in heaven about how bad this world was becoming.  Jesus stepped forth to willingly come down here to save us.  He is not in a manger but seated back in heaven at the right hand of the father.  Red is the perfect color for a Christmas’ cup since that is the color of the bled Jesus shed for our freedom from sin.  We are bought with a price.  The cost was blood and it ran red on Calvary.  That is the message of Christmas.  In case you still don’t understand we do not care about the cup.

Please let me explain somethings that Christians are truly concerned about  We care about a media that is busy making up stories instead of reporting the ones that are already out there.  College students were murdered by a crazy person, who asked if they believed in God.  Those that said yes were shot to death.  Others were shot in non-vital spots.  Christians are being mocked and jailed for standing up for freedom of religion.  Cake bakers are being fined out of business for saying they will not go against their conscience.  Our government is allowing a bunch of Muslims to invade our country legally.  These folks want us dead.  That concerns us.  You bet your bottom dollar we care about that.  Teachers are trying to teach false religions to our children in public schools that we pay taxes for.  In some areas children are learning to read books about two dads or two moms.  We have a problem with that.  We can’t watch decent shows on television without advertisements for filthy programs or products popping up.  Stations now allow actors to use our Lord’s name as a cuss word.  Yep you bet that upsets us.  Good shows are continually taken off because they offend folks and allow garbage to take their time slots.  That really perturbs us.

However, as annoying as the list of our true concerns are we know that our God is in control.  See we have read the book.  We know that one day every knee will bow.  I pray if you are reading this that yours already have.  He is coming back.  There will be a day of judgement for those that have persecuted His people.  There will be a time when all hear either well done or depart.

Thank God that baby did not stay in a manger.  He willingly allowed himself to be beaten within an inch of His life.  Then He carried my cross on his bruised and bloody back.  Imagine the feeling of the slivers from the rough wood scratching at the bruises.  Once hung on the cross He looked out on to His creation that knew Him not and he said, “Father forgive them.”  That is what Christmas is about.  He is the reason for the season and the reason WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUP.


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