John and Jana

After posting my blog yesterday I saw a long list of questions by a variety of folks.  Some showed a genuine interest in the family.  Others just revealed ignorance and hatred for that which they don’t understand.  I am going to try to address the queries from my years of watching the show.

There were those talking about how the twins will soon no longer be allowed on their parents’ health insurance.  I recall an episode where some of the children were having dental work and Jim Bob was talking about insurance.  He mentioned being self insured because of the size of his family and the businesses they run.  Since both of the twins work for him in some capacity in the real estate business, he can cover them as his employees.  Also for further proof of insurance the book  A Love That Multiplies talks about Josie’s birth and the cost of 2009 and 2010 deductibles  There is also the possibility that TLC insures both Jana and John.  I am sure they are grateful for the worry of their non fans.

The next issue I see is whether either is in a courtship.  I have seen no mention of that on the show or the family’s blog.  I did hear John say he hopes someday his children can play in the tree house the family completed in the last episode.  You see he is waiting on God’s timing.  I am sure the Lord has a wonderful women in store for this hard-working man.

As for Jana.  For years we have seen the rumors of her being enslaved by her parents.  Yes the poor girl never gets out of the kitchen and away from day care duty.  (snide comment alert)  They claim the girls have no say in their future mates.  That is so untrue.  We have heard countless stories of Jana turning down courtships because she does not feel as if that is the man God has for her.  She and her twin are both doing what everyone would be wise to do and allowing God to pick their lifelong partners.

This season I was so glad to see her working on the tree house with her siblings.  She was designing it and cutting wood.  Previously we saw her working on electrical lighting issues at Jessa and Ben’s house.  Yes she drilled holes and did wiring.   In past years we have also seen her deftly tiling floors and showers. So in addition to running the sewing machine she is competent with power tools.  Her siblings all said how amazing and resourceful she is in figuring out how to do something if she does not know already.

The final comments I want to address are the ones where people were insinuating that because  Jana said she wants a man with dirt under his fingers she was somehow insulting her female relatives.  She was just stating her preference and saying she would like to work alongside her mate.  I wonder at the relationship some folks have with their siblings that every time a Duggar makes a comment someone thinks it is a dig at another one.

As for saying the other Duggar girls are staying home and doing nothing.  Those folks never saw Anna working at Josh’s office before she had their first child or when she was a baby.  There are many episodes showing the girls work ethic.  Let’s not forget that Jana has also spent time training to be an EMT as well as a Duala.  The Duggar women are not just puppets set to procreate.  They are children of God trying to do what He designed them to.  I think we could all learn a lesson or two from these young ladies.


Do The Next Right Thing

Over the last few months I have been watching the Jill and Jessa Counting  On specials and now the series.  Jill and Jessa airs Tuesday nights on TLC.  I have been touched by Anna Duggar’s statement to “Do the next right thing.”Anna says she got it from a  pastor.  It is such a wise piece of advice.

So many people tell us to live day by day but in reality sometimes that is too much to comprehend.  We have to go on a moment by moment bases.  We must choose our actions and reactions carefully.   Additionally, as Christians we are held responsible for our very thoughts.  Those that do not line up with Him we have to hold captive.

Anna has handled her situation with such grace.  She has been hurt yet she continues to rely on God for her strength.  She is allowing herself to be healed by her creator.  She shows such wisdom for her years.  Please join me in praying for this example of how to live life more peacefully.

Of course as often happens when a saying gets me thinking a poem ends up forming in my head.

  • Mother’s Prayer
  • Lord please let me do the next right thing
  • No matter what life may bring
  • I have to leave a legacy
  • for my girls and boys
  • I want them to look back and see
  • that no matter what the situation
  • Mom made the right choice.
  • It is important for them to know
  • I made each decision
  • with the one Who loves us so
  • Amen