What’s Going On

We are living in a country that was founded on Christian principles.  Yet our rights are being taken away a little more each day.  Past generations did not stand up and changes were made that have led to the downfall of this country.

Prayer was taken out of school.  Children were taught they descended from monkeys instead of being the creation God designed them to be.  As time has gone on other teachings have been introduced that glorify sin.  They are told that what God said is wrong is okay.

Now TLC is airing a show about a trans-gendered child.  I have not watched said show but I have seen promos.  Those alone give me insight.  I see where the family is being threatened.  Yet their search for fame and fortune keeps them in the limelight.

I have seen the upcoming episode clips showing the shots this young man receives to keep him from developing into a man.  Why would a kind and loving parent allow chemicals to be introduced into their healthy child’s body?

The most recent commercial I saw was one of the brothers reminding the mom that she had three other children.  Why did she have to be reminded?  Why does the child feel so left out he had to make that statement?  It sounds like a cry for attention and if she does not give it to him, we know the world will.  With the rates of teenage drug use and suicide being what it is, she needs to wake up.  She has one son begging to be seen and another pretending to be something he is not.

I pray for this family and the others out there buying the lies it is telling.  Folks God does not make mistakes.  He creates us all with a special purpose and by altering His creation we are treading on dangerous ground.  As always blessings to those reading this.



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