Thanking God for a Rainbow Baby

A little over a year ago I saw the term rainbow baby for the first time.  I read about how a child that is born after miscarriages is called a rainbow baby.  The story touched me deeply because of my friend that I have mentioned to you all in a previous blog.  I began to pray without her knowing to have a rainbow baby of her own.

Last Fall she told me she was pregnant again and I was so happy for her.  I told my then 7-year-old daughter and she began to pray for the baby.  My little girl said,  “She had one baby.  She is my best friend but the other babies went to heaven to be with Jesus.  Please God let her keep this baby in her belly until it is time for her to be born so we can hold it and play with it when it is bigger.

A little while later doctors told her she was miscarrying again.  She resigned herself to the fact that her little girl would be an only child.   However, weeks later she discovered that the doctors were wrong.  The baby was very much alive

For the rest of her pregnancy she was told a variety of health issues the child had.  I told her to stand strong and on faith.  She said she did not care what was wrong with the baby she would love it anyways.  After months of that doom and gloom, she went to an appointment where the doctor told her he believed the baby girl was fine.

A little over a month ago I told her I don’t know why God allows the things to happen he does.  I will never know the reason He chose to take the other babies home to be with him.  I do know that the Lord has big plans for this little girl though.

This week I held that little rainbow baby for the first time.  She is a wee one but she is here.  Little baby noises never sounded as beautiful and baby smells were never as sweet as when you hold a child you were told might never be.

If you are reading this and longing for a rainbow baby of your own, my prayers are with you.  While we don’t know why God allows what he does I am so glad that he holds ever tear we have ever cried in His nail pierced hands.  His heart breaks when ours do.  We are never alone.


God is Color Blind

Overcoming depression

I have not written a blog in a while.  I have been busy being a mom, a friend and doing stuff for church.  Something happened last week that I just have to talk about with you my readers.

Years ago when my daughter was small, we were part of a preschool group.  It was an awesome time for her to play and me to fellowship with Christian women, who were walking the journey of mother hood with me.

One night I fought with Facebook to post a note of encouragement on one of the other mother’s wall.  I was about to give up when I felt the Holy Spirit saying no.  I don’t remember what I posted.  However, I will never forget her words to me the next time I saw her in person.  “You don’t know it but you saved my life that night.  I had a bottle of pills opened and in my hands.  I heard the click of a message and when I read it I put them back in the bottle.”

I am telling you this story so you know if you feel the Lord leading you to do something do it.  No matter how small.  You never know the impact your actions will have on others.  Also you do not know what trials and tribulations others are dealing with.  Please be the light in this dark world we are living in.  Shine brightly and show His love.

Depression is a demon that targets people of every race, age and sex.  This woman fought it bravely.  She knew how to fight because she was a Marine Veteran.  However, last week I was told that she was hit by a train on a railroad track.  No one knows if it was an accident or her desire to end the pain.  What we do know is there is a mother less child that will be crying herself to sleep for a long time to come.

Please if you are battling this war yourself remember we serve a God, who has promised to never leave us or forsake us.  He sticks closer than a brother.  When He went up in the sky, Jesus told us He was leaving behind the Comforter.  He created you with a purpose.  He gave you talents and gifts to use for His glory.  God has work for you to do.

Satan is the father of lies.  He tells us that if God loved us he would not have allowed things to happen.  He puts drugs in the path of folks to self medicate pain and in turn they become addicted to a high that the poison is giving them.  I beg you not to fall for his schemes.

Instead listen to the voice of God as He whispers, “I love you.”  Get in His word and find His words of encouragement.  Psalm 23: 4 says, “ Even though I walk  through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”  If you need help seek it.  Call your pastor or a friend to pray with you.  My hope today is that those reading this remember Who they belong to.  You are a child of His.  If He is for us, who can be against us?  Resist the Devil and He will flee.