Jinger Duggar

Today I want to talk about Jinger Duggar.  In the last few weeks I have been appalled at things I have seen and read on  Facebook as well as Twitter.  Jinger is the fourth oldest Duggar daughter from the series 19 Kids and Counting.  Recently announcements of her courting then engagement were made.

I am so happy that their family does not rely on media as much as most of our society.  Her family does not watch TV and social media is restricted.  It would greatly sadden me to think she had viewed some of the things that I have been on my screen.  No one should have to endure the comments that have been made about her and her fiance, Jeremy  Vuolo.

There are those that are calling her a used bicycle and saying she was raped by Josh.  The first thing I want to say on that subject is Josh did not rape anyone.  The police report is clear on that.  The second point I will make is this.  She has never stepped forward and said she is a victim.  Therefore no one has the right to claim she is.  Thirdly  you re-victimize every one, who has ever been abused with that mentality.

One of the strongest Christian women I know is a survivor of years of abuse at the hands of her step father.  She is proof that you can turn tragedy into triumph.  She went on to raise her children as well as being a foster parent to many.  God is so awesome how he draws people into our lives. Her husband once told me that the majority of the children that walked through their doors had also been abused.

She could offer them something that folks, who had not walked that journey never could.  Training can not give you the empathy for a child trying to deal with self-worth and false guilt.  There is no degree that can teach you to feel what a person is emoting and say,  “I have been there.  God does love you and you will get through this.”  Victims are not used bicycles but people who deserve our prayers and words of encouragement.

Jinger’s fiance’s past has been all over social media.  Photographs of his youth published to make him look bad.  One in particular is being used to spread slander claiming that Jeremy is using Jinger as a cover of his gayness.  When my mother went to school, the word gay meant happy.  Times have changed and it sure does mean something different now.  Funny how we take a word that means joyful and give it to a form of sin.  Well the Bible does say there is fun in sin for a season.  Then comes the judgement.

I myself am glad Jinger has found someone,who makes her happy.  If she is a victim that is between her and Jeremy.  It is no one else’s business.  I am also glad for the testimony that Jeremy’s past gives our youth.  You can make mistakes but turn to a God, who promises to forgive when we confess.  He is faithful and just.  As always God bless you my readers.



One thought on “Jinger Duggar

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve never been able to understand how Duggar “haters” can justify the cruel things they say about this family. The Duggars aren’t perfect and I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it was for them to walk through the issues they had with Joshua as a teenager. But I saw my parents struggle with something similar. My younger brother, starting around the age of 12, began drinking and using drugs. He was a violent child and would often threaten my mother with physical harm. He was a big boy, almost 6′ tall by the age of 13, and she was very frightened of him. She and my Dad often considered sending him away, turning him in to the police, all these different things. But they were never able to go through with it because, he was their baby and they always wanted to give him just one more chance. Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar did the best they could when faced with a heartbreaking and devastating situation. My hope and prayer is that they can feel the love and support of their fans amidst all the hatred.


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