How to use the cell phone as an alarm

The first blog I ever wrote was on using a cell phone as an alarm.  I was new to the blogging game and new nothing about tags   I was nervous about taking that first step.  I had a great group of friends encouraging me to write a blog to share my writing talents and skills I have learned over the years.  So with their prodding my blogging journey began.

As the school year is approaching I have thought about editing that blog and resharing.  However I have decided to let it stand as it is as reminder to me of how far I have come and make a new one.  Now I can not tell you how to use a lot of the functions on your phones but I will say this, “The alarm is your friend.”

First off you can pick different songs for different alarms.  I have one tune as my alarm.  I have another one as my daughter’s wake up song.  I then set one for the time we need to be heading to breakfast.  A final one is set for the time we want to head out the door for arrival at school well away from the “tardy zone.”  I started this system last year and she did not get one tardy.

If you have multiple children you can give them each a song unless they each have their own phones.  I have found that if we record a song from KLOVE online loudly it provides the best sound.  If you do it from the car radio it does not sound well at all.  You can also use You Tube to look up and record your child(ren)’s favorite songs.  Or you may be able to download them.  My method is free and does not cost any minutes.

Prayers for wonderful school years for all the blessings God has given us.  God bless you all.


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