The Keys to Forgiveness

It has been a while since I have written a blog.  I took time off for family and then it seemed as if we all took turns fighting something.  A family in our church had a sudden loss.  I thought my next blog would be the poem that has been floating in my head since then.  However, last week I was asked by a family member how I had managed to forgive my abuser.  That thought and the answer to it has been rolling around in my brain since.

I have always told people if you want to forgive someone you have to begin praying for him/her.  I know it is not easy but hey what Jesus did for us was not easy and His word tells us we must forgive to be forgiven.

This last week I realized there was another component that I had forgotten about.  You see in my memory I had completely forgotten the first step I had to take.  I had to realize first that God loves me and is in control of my life.  However, we live in a fallen world and people make bad choices daily.  Before I got to the point I could pray for someone else I had to pray for forgiveness of my sins and healing for myself.

I then had to cling to the verse you see posted on this blog and my social media accounts.  I firmly believe that what Satan intended for evil God can and does use for good.  It amazes me the times I have been told that words I have spoken or written have touched others lives.  It is all God.  He knows our pasts and our future.  He directs our presents when we allow him to.

So today my readers if you are still struggling to forgive I ask you have you taken the steps necessary.  The keys are in your hands but you must use them.  Remember all have sinned and that includes you.  The power you receive when you take the step of repentance is wonderful.  Next concentrate on His word and his promises.  Find the verse that speaks to your heart.  Meditate on it and believe in it.  Then pray for the salvation of your abuser and you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.  With these keys you can unlock a door that leads to peace and comfort.  You may still have bad moments, days or even weeks but cling to his promises and that will get you through them.



Forgiving Yourself

Over the last few weeks I have felt led to do a series on forgiveness.  So I started the series the other day.  I was talking to someone, who I wanted to share the series with someone she had mentioned.  It was then I found out that the friend I was talking to was a victim of rape herself.  She said, “Maybe this is for me.”  I told her I don’t know but remember God loves you.  He can use this for His glory.

With that being said, today I am going to talk about false guilt and false shame.   Those are some psychological terms that basically mean it was not your fault and you have no reason to be ashamed.  If you have heard these terms before I pray today you let your head tell your heart that you were innocent.  If you have never seen them before please heed them now.  It does not matter how you dressed or if you went to his home.  It further does not matter if it was someone you knew or a stranger.  Nor does it matter if you were a child or an adult.  IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

People often call a lie a falsehood.  We know who the father of lies is.  So today I want you to know these false emotions you are feeling are lies straight from the devil himself to keep you from moving on and living the life God has in store for you.

For years I blamed myself for the molestation of the person, who was later abused by my abuser.  I tormented myself with the thought that the person in my nightmare might have done something to other children.  It was after the prayer I talked about the other day I truly started to heal.

Then I had to learn to forgive myself for something that was not my fault.  Today my readers I want you to understand that forgiveness of others and especially yourself is the best gift you could ever receive.

I will not tell you it is easy.  However, we serve a God, who covers us in His grace and through Him we can do what the world thinks is impossible.  Today I want you to concentrate on these words.  You are a child of God created with a purpose formed in your mother’s wombs to worship and serve the only living God.  The fact that He allowed you to be abused does not mean you are not loved.  It means instead that He loves you so much your pain is breaking His heart and He wants to heal it.  By His stripes we are all healed.  He was broken for the wounded and wounded for the broken.  You can do all things through Christ and that includes getting over this trauma.  Get his word and get on your knees.  Fill yourself so full of him that the enemy can not whisper one lie in your ear.  If you have not found a church yet I urge you find one.  K LOVE radio station has a number you can call for prayer.  Prayer Requests: (800) 525-LOVE (5683)  Most important remember that God can use evil for good.  Today’s test will be tomorrow’s testimony.


Finding Peace Through Forgiveness

“Shh,”he whispered.  Married people do this but it is okay because we love each other.  Don’t tell anyone.  She looked at the light bulb dangling from the ceiling.  The light hurt her eyes.  So she turned to the green wall.  That was how she started a day she would never forget.

She woke up gasping for breath.  Then the tears started.  She tried to stop crying.  When that would not work, she tried to muffle the sound.   However, they were like a fountain that would not stop.

There was a knock at the door.  She heard  Pamela calling out, “Essie are you okay?”  She could not answer.  The door opened and Pammie came in.  She sat on the bed and put her arms around her Ester.  She said, “Essie what is wrong?  Talk to me.”  Ester could not speak.  The tears would not allow it and even if they had she could never tell her sister about the dream she had woken from.

How could she ever tell her sister that her mind had just played a cruel trick on her?  In the hours of sleep when she was resting from all the final exams and graduation activities, she had had a nightmare about what she thought was her favorite brother doing things to her as a small child.  Surely it could not be a memory.  If it was than the fuzzy face in that dream was not him.  It was NOT Paul.  It had to be a trick of some kind.

She finally got the tears to stop and they went about their day.  Pammie would ask her a few times about what had caused the crying spell but she would never tell her anything more than a  nightmare.

She blocked out the dream and went about her life.  A few times the memory of that nightmare came up and she would stuff it down.  Once when she was in a parent child group, there was a time set aside for adult group work.  Others in the group were telling about their traumatic childhoods and she mentioned the dream.  The councilors told her it was most likely a repressed memory.  However, if she wanted to know for certain she should be hypnotized.  She opted not to do that since she had enough painful memories without stirring more up.

She did not think about it any more for years.  It was too painful and she had a child to raise.  She went to college after her son, Jesse was in school.  It was tough being a single parent and a college student but she had her parents’ help.  They watched him while she was in class and her mother would help him with his school work as she was doing hers.  She took Summer classes to get her education quicker since she was having such a late start.  She was studying to be a Social Worker.  She took classes that would go towards her Bachelors degree as electives  as well as ones that would qualify for various certifications.

Her life got thrown off course with her mother’s illness but her dad was still there to watch her son if he got off the bus before her.  She she plugged on.  She did her associate’s work in a year and a half.  She was set to graduate with that degree but decided not to march since she was going on to do the Bachelor’s level and she did not want to march without her mother there to watch.  Then right after Mothers day her mother died.  Eventually, she would have to put her schooling on hold again.  Since she was not caring for her son, watching over her dad’s medicines and doctor’s appointments as well as her brother’s, who had recently been diagnosed with adult onset Muscular Dystrophy.  Her plate was full.

She became a personal care attendant through her brother’s care taking agency.  She got married.  Then the nightmare came back.  She placed a call a to the person that she thought was in the dream.  She told him about the dream without telling him she suspected him.  His first statement was,  “I know it was not John.”  She thought it was strange that was his reaction.  Then he said, “I guess you will never know unless you get hypnotized.  Of course he knew she would not do that.  Then he said, “I wonder how I am going to explain to Shelly why I have been on the phone so long.”  Ester told him it was okay to tell Shelly.

After the call she prayed a prayer that saved her sanity.  She asked the Lord to give her a peace that even if Paul was the one in the dream that he had not molested anyone else.  Ester asked God to put the dream behind her.  She did not bury again.  Instead she asked for help in forgiving whoever it was in that memory.  God gave her peace that passes all understanding.  When that nightmare comes back to her now, she has no fear that he molested someone else.  You see forgiveness is truly the gift we give ourselves.  We have to forgive to be forgiven.  Sometimes you have to give grace to those who refuse to ask for it.